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Search Engine Marketing since 2014

The Online Director confidently asserts its status as SEM industry EXPERTS. Our team has accumulated over 10,000 hours each, ensuring adept utilization to maximise opportunities for your business online whilst minimising your spend on paid placements.

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The Technician

The Technician

Technical individuals typically exhibit an analytical mindset, curiosity, attention to detail, logical thinking, strong problem-solving skills, persistence, adaptability, independence

The Business Owner

The Business Owner

An entrepreneur is an innovative and risk-taking individual who establishes and manages a business venture, often with a vision for creating value, solving problems, or introducing new products or services. Entrepreneurs navigate uncertainties, demonstrate resilience, and drive their ventures to success through strategic planning and adaptability.

The Account Manager

The Account Manager

An Online Director account manager is a neutral and skilled facilitator who assists parties in reaching desired outcomes. They guide communication, foster understanding, and promote efficiency to find common ground for sustainable results.

We have identified a communication gap with business owners & technical implementers. Our account managers are adept at bridging this divide, fluently conversing in both technical and business terms. Their objective is to grasp your business’s definition of success and guide the technical team to achieve it with optimal efficiency.

Why Use a third party provider to run your Google Ads?

Google is designed so that anyone can run their own advertising. However the stock exchange is also designed so anyone can buy their own shares – but would you, if you were only 95% sure you knew what you were doing?

There are many reasons why you would get a professional or agency to run your advertising, and it isn’t necessarily because you can’t do it yourself. It is for the same reason that you might get cleaners to clean your house; your time is better spent doing what you do best.

Why use a specialist?

Specialists bring focused expertise to specific tasks, making them adept at solving intricate problems within their domain. Their deep knowledge and experience make them efficient and effective, particularly in complex scenarios. On the other hand, generalists offer versatility and adaptability, often excelling in diverse roles. They possess a broader skill set and can connect ideas across various domains. The choice between a specialist and a generalist depends on the task at hand—specialists for in-depth expertise, precision, and intricate tasks, and generalists for versatility and adaptability in addressing a range of challenges. The optimal choice varies based on the specific needs of a project or organization.

Why Use us?

The Online Director are a Google Ads Agency and Premier Google Partner putting you in front of people where you need to be!

  • We Focus Our Efforts On Conversions
  • Your Own Dedicated Account Manager
  • Monthly Meetings
  • Month to Month contracts (we are about results)
  • Easy Agreed Ongoing Management Fees
  • In-house Adelaide, Australian based Experts

What makes us different?

Online Marketing Experts

Our job is to make sure you are found on Google at the right time, for the right searches, on the right devices and for the right price.

Google Certified Partners

Our team are fully Google certified and run our campaigns above normal Google partner standards.

Adelaide Based

We are local – local staff, keeping jobs in the local economy. We want our staff to do business with you, so you can keep coming back to do business with us.

Powerful Backend

Not only do we have full use of Google’s platform, our latest software acquisition makes our reporting process so seamless that we have even more time to be hands on with your account.

Part of the Team

We are on your team – we work as an extension of your business, lowering your costs and improving your performance in the digital space.

Great Flexibility

Budget Flexibility – want to spend $500 one month but $600 the next? No problem, you can change your Google Ads and or Facebook budget whenever you want; as high or as low as you need at the time.


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