Robyn Koldej

Managing Director

robyn koldej

Robyn Koldej

Managing Director

The Online Director’s founder Robyn Koldej – Robyn will tell you she’s never “worked” a day in this business because she loves it too much to call it work. A real hands on Director, Robyn has passion and knowledge that is second to none.

Robyn is trilingual; she can speak Business owner, Campaign manager, Account Manager & everything in between!

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Givers Gain award winner 2017

business network international

The Givers Gain award winner has made more of an impact to the success of the region than any other person in 2016.

Serving as the inspirational foundation president of the BNI Elite chapter, she built a highly motivated team around her. Together, they created something very powerful, becoming both Adelaide’s largest chapter and the first to achieve over $2M worth of Closed Business in their opening year.

Taking over as Director of the BNI Advantage chapter early in 2016, she was warmly embraced by their members from day one and their faith was well placed, helping BNI Advantage to triple its Closed Business.

Stepping in mid-year to provide local “on the ground” support, her experience helped steady the ship at BNI Business Plus which had a rocky start to 2016. I’m pleased to report Business Plus has been reinvigorated over the last 6 months, rebuilding their membership base to 34 highly engaged and committed people who generated $3.9M worth of referral business for each other last year.

One day she had an idea to ask 10 of her most trusted business associates to refer the best person in their industry other than themselves (i.e. their competitors) to create the seed for a new BNI Chapter. Several of my colleagues told me her plan would never get off the ground, but “failure” simply isn’t in Robyn’s vocabulary and a few months later, she successfully kicked-off the exciting new BNI Storm chapter.

So this award goes to the person who taught us that “Tough love really comes from a place of love”.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please be upstanding to recognise the AMAZING contribution made by Robyn Koldej, from The Online Director.

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business network international

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