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The Online Director are a Google Adwords Agency and Premier Google Partner putting you in front of people where you need to be!

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Explain this Google thing to me

There is a lot of talk out there about SEO, PPC, SEM & optimisation but what does it all mean? Invite us out to see you and we can explain it all face to face.

How Advertising on Google Works

Think about Google like a newspaper. You can hope that someone will write an article about you and you’ll get in there for free, but the only way you can be guaranteed to appear when and how you want is if you pay for it.

Google is the same, but the big difference is how paying for the advertising works.

In traditional media there tends to be a fixed price for all the different sorts of ads – in Google, however, it is a bidding war.

To really oversimplify it, all of the businesses that want to come up for a certain search term bid for it. This can be anywhere from 1c to $100, depending on your industry, and whoever bids the most sits in the highest position. They don’t pay anything to sit there, but once someone clicks on them Google takes their bid from their account.

These days it truly is much more complicated, with preference given to quality ads and relevant site content – but this gives you a rough idea of how it works.

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Why Advertise on Google?

Before you ask this there is another question you need to ask yourself, and that is “Why did I build my website?”

There are many reasons why you would build a website, but maybe we should look a little deeper than “because you have to”.
Is your website a way to find new clients, or is it to build credibility in the market, almost like a virtual resume?
The reason we ask this is because the answer to “why would I advertise on Google?” will be different for both of these answers.
If your website is to attract new customers you will need to put it in front of new clients – therefore advertising on Australia’s most used search engine would seem logical.
If however you are looking to build credibility, advertising on Google not only makes it easier for your known market to find you, it also helps with improving perception.
Think about yourself as a consumer; if a business is recommended to you and you can’t find them online – does that instil confidence?
The psychology around advertising and trust is very interesting and something that we love talking about, so give us a call – we would love to have a chat.

Why use The Online Director?

Google is designed so that anyone can run their own advertising.  However the stock exchange is also designed so anyone can buy their own shares – but would you, if you were only 95% sure you knew what you were doing?

There are many reasons why you would get a professional or agency to run your advertising, and it isn’t necessarily because you can’t do it yourself. It is for the same reason that you might get cleaners to clean your house; your time is better spent doing what you do best.

As for The Online Director and why you would use us – check out some of the points that we think make us stand out from the crowd on our “What Makes Us Different?” page.

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The Online Director

Unit 4/116 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide

5.0 10 reviews

  • Avatar Creative Serum ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    Without a doubt, the very best provider in Adelaide, if not Australia for professionally managed Google AdWords Campaigns.
    The excellent service you provide, along
    … read more with the communication from a caring and friendly team, I couldn't recommend The Online Director highly enough to my clients and my extended network.
    Over and above the amazing service, your results speak for themselves on every campaign you handle for us. Keep up the great work, and thank you so much!
  • Avatar Leora D souza ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    We've, (City-Bay Fun Run), recently signed up with The Online Director to do our AdWords campaign and re-marketing. It's only been a week but we've … read more already seen the difference in traffic to our website and even in event registration sign-ups. Robyn, Carena and Sarah have been amazing. They are very down to earth and explain the whole process in layman terms. They have advised us of the kind of campaign that would suit us best without being the typical salespeople and trying to sell us the most expensive pack.
    I would definitely recommend anybody who is in two minds about using AdWords to have a chat to these guys. We did try it ourselves with little success as we do not have the expertise in this area. The Online Director have this expertise.
    Thanks guys and keep up the fantastic work 🙂
  • Avatar Tamara Caire ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    I've worked with the team at the Online Director since the business' inception, and have always felt the experience they offered was professional and reliable, … read more and the results they achieve for the clients that I send to them are brilliant.
    I refer to The Online Director for Google AdWords without hesitation – they are the best in the biz!



jims locksmiths customer

Rob Clark

Divisional Owner - Jim's Locksmiths - Australia

We had an excellent relationship with our AdWords provider before The Online Director, but they were just a little too slow to respond. Now that we work with The Online Director we are able to get instant changes, they offer us a 48 hour response time but I don’t know that I’ve ever waited longer than 48 minutes (slight exaggeration).

With multiple franchisees we need to work with a team that is flexible around turning leads on and off at a moment’s notice. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how much The Online Director has saved us by turning off our ads in certain zones when we don’t have any staff available over the weekend for emergency calls outs. Plus this doesn’t even take into consideration the brand protection this has for us.

It has been an absolute privilege working with Robyn and the team from The Online Director for close to 24 months now.

Since its humble beginnings as a start up with no clients so to speak, the organisation has rapidly expanded to a team of 5… working with Robyn has been exciting to say the least. Robyn’s drive and willingness to support her customers in achieving their goals is relentless, she while growing the organisation so rapidly, has not wavered from maintaining the customer experience in any way shape or form.

What I can see in working with Robyn is that her goal of helping her clients is always foremost, and her ethics are second to none. Robyn is an amazing entrepreneur and is truly destined for great things based on her attitude, devotion and ethics in the ever evolving business world.

office select customer

Marty Meredith

Owner AT Office Select




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