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How Did We Target You? Was It?


Interests, Managed Placements, Keyword & Topic Placements

The Google Display Network allows us to build and target custom networks. Finding and connecting with the right customers more effectively enables your message to reach more of your target audiences, in more places, more often. 


We can achieve this by targeting;

  • Geographic (Country, State & Postcode)
  • Demographic (Age, Household Income, Gender)
  • Parental Status 
  • Device Type 
  • In Market (500 Pre-Determined Audiences)
  • Interests (Over 50,000 Audience Segments)
  • Managed Placements (Specific Websites)
  • Keyword Targeting (i.e. Job Roles) 


Google remarketing would have to be the most exciting and yet under-utilised offering that Google has. Now that you have visited The Online Director website you will see The Online Director logo everywhere. This is a version of Display advertising called re-marketing.


Once you visit The Online Director website

  • We drop a cookie on you
  • Not one of these
  • (insert image of a cookie)

This means that we can instantaneously buy advertising banner spaces of sites that you visit. Why would we do this? In our type of business we need 18 digital touchpoints on average before you will reconnect with us again - and rather than waiting for you to come to our website 17 more times, we come to you.



For more information on how display can work for you, contact us today.



" When The Online Director took over our account we were paying $22 a click… now we pay just $5 and still maintain the top spot for all the relevant keywords. I would recommend The OD to anyone – that’s of course unless you’re a Locksmith – She’s Mine!"


Rob Clark   Divisional Owner - Jim's Locksmiths - Australia





" We have a pretty solid understanding of the internet but are already time poor and needed to delegate. We needed to use someone that understood us, what we stand for and what we are trying to achieve."


Dr. Leandra & Dr. Jacob BRADY-WALKER   The Chiropractic Place




" Our Adwords bill was getting out of hand, it was up around the $3k mark and we weren’t getting quantifiable results. The Online Director took over the account and worked with us on a results driven campaign. Not only did our sales leads increase but our bill now sits around $750 a month."


Marty Meredith   Office Select