Not For Profit

Receive up to $10,000 a month in Advertising credit

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Receive up to $10,000 a month in Advertising credit

Google provides up to $329 a day in advertising credit for eligible Not-for-Profit organisations.

Not for Profit - Set Up

AU $550 Once-off + GST

Leave it all up to us. Includes a initial strategy session, Campaign set up, Grant approval applications

Not For Profit Manager

$ 440 / month + GST
  • Monthly reports
  • Analytics linking for real-time reporting
  • Quarterly visits & strategy session
  • Up to 3 Campaigns
  • Up to 1 edit per month

Not For Profit Manager - Pro

$ 660 / month + GST
  • Monthly reports
  • Analytics linking for real-time reporting
  • Monthly visits & strategy session
  • Up to 5 Campaigns
  • Up to 4 edits per month


jims locksmiths customer

Rob Clark

Divisional Owner - Jim's Locksmiths - Australia

We had an excellent relationship with our AdWords provider before The Online Director, but they were just a little too slow to respond. Now that we work with The Online Director we are able to get instant changes, they offer us a 48 hour response time but I don’t know that I’ve ever waited longer than 48 minutes (slight exaggeration).

With multiple franchisees we need to work with a team that is flexible around turning leads on and off at a moment’s notice. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how much The Online Director has saved us by turning off our ads in certain zones when we don’t have any staff available over the weekend for emergency calls outs. Plus this doesn’t even take into consideration the brand protection this has for us.

It has been an absolute privilege working with Robyn and the team from The Online Director for close to 24 months now.

Since its humble beginnings as a start up with no clients so to speak, the organisation has rapidly expanded to a team of 5… working with Robyn has been exciting to say the least. Robyn’s drive and willingness to support her customers in achieving their goals is relentless, she while growing the organisation so rapidly, has not wavered from maintaining the customer experience in any way shape or form.

What I can see in working with Robyn is that her goal of helping her clients is always foremost, and her ethics are second to none. Robyn is an amazing entrepreneur and is truly destined for great things based on her attitude, devotion and ethics in the ever evolving business world.

office select customer

Marty Meredith

Owner AT Office Select




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